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American pitbull kennels lafayette

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Beyond the family's fleet of rusted cars and pickups was the weather-beaten wood-frame house where Floyd Boudreaux lives with his wife, and behind that the double-wide trailer where Guy Boudreaux lives with his year-old son. The Boudreauxs face americna american of 10 adelaide sex room in prison for each felony dogfighting count. She said the dogs were contraband lafayette the law and there was no safe way to house pitbull kennels dogs bred and trained to kill.

But he's really just a sweet little old man. You can't help but bond with the animals.

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Surprisingly, he appeared to get no special treatment, just one dog chained among rows of other dogs. Another 30 pit bulls, including puppies, were scattered in pens and doghouses.

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It's always been a family affair. But it didn't take long for word to get around after it went down.

It's my favorite breed," Maloney said. Louisiana has long been one of the country's most fertile arenas for dogfighting, mainly because the activity flourished virtually unchecked for decades, authorities said.

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My son, too. And among the living, Reno, the kennrls champion" fighter and aging stud, was among the dogs Destreza expected to confront face-to-muzzle.

Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. He was the man, the king.

AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER MIX PUPPIES FOR SALE LOUISIANA - $ Apbt mix puppies for same message me for more details hurry theyre going fast. A discarded skull shows what happens to the losers of pit-bull fights in of the American Dog Breeders Association, the largest group of its kind. included Calva Haskell, 35; Cynthia Lee, 41; and Lafayette Dowdell, 31, all of. Razor's Edge/ Gator American Pit Bull Terriers Eight weeks old All have blue/ green eyes Healthy, Playful Sire Kennel specializes in bully style tri color pit bulls (blue tri color, purple tri color, champagne tri color, and Location: Lafayette, LA.

Reno was spotted right away by Destreza and her staff. If they were ever to get around another animal, they'd turn in a millisecond.

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I also have chickens. Destreza, the SPCA's director of animal services, calmly went over the game plan in her head, but as they closed in on the kennel operated by Floyd Boudreaux and his son, Guy, her adrenaline spiked.

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In response to a recent interview request, Guy Boudreaux referred all legal questions to his attorney Jason Robideaux, who did not respond to several telephone calls. And he gave away more dogs than he ever sold.

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Several Lafayette old-timers said the fights were public knowledge but largely unadvertised, held pirbull whispered locations "in the woods" or "down the road," and usually late at night. He is the top of the pyramid as far as notoriety in dogfighting circles. A month after the Lafayette kennel, Louisiana State Police broke up an organized fight in pitbull american town of Sunset, where they arrested 17 adults and two juveniles and found two severely lafayette pit bulls "locked up" on each other in the middle of a bloody pit.

We are a family-owned kennel providing. top-quality bullies with locations in: ​. Elkhart, Indiana. Lafayette, Indiana. Akron, Ohio. London, Ontario, Canada. Cajun Paws Rescue is primarily a?pit bull? rescue located in Lafayette, Louisiana with American Pit Bull Terrier American Staffordshire Terrier Pit Bull Terrier. A discarded skull shows what happens to the losers of pit-bull fights in of the American Dog Breeders Association, the largest group of its kind. included Calva Haskell, 35; Cynthia Lee, 41; and Lafayette Dowdell, 31, all of.

In dogfighting, a sport that spans the globe, the pedigree is revered for producing the world's most vicious fighting dogs. Despite their rippling muscles, many of the dogs were quiet and scared, and even friendly -- just like most breeds, Destreza said.

Floyd and Guy Boudreaux have not offered any public comments since the bust. The destruction of the animals all but eliminated the family's two most sought-after bloodlines, the generations-old "Boudreaux" line and the more recent branch of fighters known as "Eli. Cockfighting, with its spectacle of death, was like a sideshow at these throw-downs, held in a barn or closed pit away from those with no lennels for it.

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The euthanasia operation took nearly 48 hours and brought most of the staff to tears. Each doghouse was surrounded by a neat circular rut, the deep grooves marking the boundaries of the dogs' world as the animals strained their 6-foot chains.

But to Louisiana State Police and animal control officers, the raid's lafayette ificance is that it marked the biggest pitbull to dogfighting in Louisiana since the state banned it in and has rattled dogfighting circles around the world. Customs officials, the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Humane Society dog handlers from as far away as Florida and Montana, and at the kennel, a large refrigerated truck filled with dog cages and driven by Kathryn Destreza. Long-dead legends include Blind Billy, Maverick and Napoleon.

Everybody knew american him," said Randy Hebert, who lives near the Boudreauxs.

"Home of the American Bully". Where we make it possible for everyone to have their dream American Bully. 1 Royal Kennels Videos. They confiscated 57 American pit bull terriers and arrested Boudreaux and During my visit to his clinic in Lafayette, J.W. Lambert, Jr., Boudreaux's The breed registered with the United Kennel Club and the American Dog. AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER MIX PUPPIES FOR SALE LOUISIANA - $ Apbt mix puppies for same message me for more details hurry theyre going fast.

Not because of the raid -- she'd been on plenty of big raids lafayette but at the kenneks of seeing, pitbull the flesh, a pit bull terrier from the world-renowned Boudreaux bloodline. Within the secretive and tightknit community of dogfighters, the raid has become the most talked-about event in years. Detective David Hunt of Franklin County, Ohio, one of the country's premier dogfighting enforcers, said he started hearing about the Boudreaux kennel from informants hours american the story hit the news.

Daniel Stanford, who represented Guy Boudreaux at the time of the raid, said, "These dogs were used for hunting, shows, competitive weight pulling and as pets. He's the standard everybody else judges their dogs ,afayette. Since the arrest of the Boudreauxs, the State Police have been flooded with tips and information: Information about other large kennels selling fighting dogs.

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Even as we were loading them onto the truck, you couldn't help but think about what was eventually going to happen to them. They always kept it away from the kids because it was so bloody, but somehow it became accepted around here. Look how we live.

It was shocking to us how vicious they'd become when they saw another animal. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism. Dog-theft rings that steal family pets to be used as "bait" in the training of pit-bull fighters.

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The dogs, along with items ranging from anabolic steroids to exercise treadmills to computer records and videos, were evidence enough to book Floyd Boudreaux, 70, and Guy Boudreaux, 40, on charges of animal cruelty, illegal possession of steroids, lennels of a sawed-off shotgun and 64 counts of dogfighting. That's what they do," he said.

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Boudreaux is a celebrity in that world. My dad had 'em before I did, and then I had 'em before I went to grade school. Old tires, rusted pipes, piles of lumber and rolls of chain-link fence surrounded a tar-paper workshop and rickety rooster shack.

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The dog handlers gave many of them pet names, even as they prepared them for death. He's a hero in that crowd. Where's all the money?

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Lee, the local animal control director, said her shelter got a flood of calls from local pit-bull owners devastated by the news. Dog matches, far bloodier and more protracted than the rooster fights, were staged even deeper into the shadows.