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Im drunk and wanna have some crazy sex hmu

I used to do these thingstoo, because I immediately thought she's taken, and I'm just wasting my time.

Im Drunk And Wanna Have Some Crazy Sex Hmu

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The person asking asl is requesting that the other person divulge their age, Hot housewives looking sex tonight Preston, and what town, state, or country they live in in order to determine if they want to make a romantic or sexual advance on the person. Inthe term had become widespread and familiar enough to inspire the title of the romance novel Age Sex Location by Parachat free chat Pimentel. How is asl used in real life? In online chats, the letter P is sometimes added to the end of an asl query aslprequesting a picture, free online stranger chat go along with the other information.

How old am I: 33

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Acronyms have always been an integral part of computer culture, and they have since spawned a new language on the Internet.

Commonly thought of as a series of letters that make up a 'word' there is a distinction between acronyms and shorthand. Online enthusiasts are learning that shorthand are in fact called acronyms, but this is incorrect. The difference between acronyms free chat line new canton shorthand is that with acronyms, you pronounce the letters as a new word for example, 'FUBAR' is pronounced 'foo-bar' and 'RADAR' is pronounced 'ray-dar'.

In contrast, shorthand pronunciations are like an initialism a set of initials in which you say the letters one-by-one for example, 'ESP' is an initialism for 'extra sensory perception' whereas 'esp. The online practice is to refer to shorthand, initialisms, or abbreviations as acronyms.

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The majority of the expressions you see above are not acronyms, but rather shorthand used while text messaging or IMing. There are several terms to describe different oculus live chat of jargon including anacronymbackronymweather acronymscity acronymsleetspeak and textonyms.

Commonly used wherever people get online -- including IMingSMSingcell phoneswebsitesgamesnewsgroup postingsin chat roomson blogsor on social media -- these abbreviations are used by people around the world to communicate with each other.

NetLingo is also tracking a global list of worldwide text terms and international online jargon! The actual definition of an acronym and text shorthand is here.

I have a comment. Acronyms, Abbreviations, Shorthand, Leetspeak Acronyms have always been an integral part of computer culture, and they have since spawned a new language on the Internet.

Got a favorite one you don't see here? Suggest an acronym or shorthand!