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I see a similar trend in well-known and respected cricket forums online is sonu nigam gay the knowledge of the English and Australian fans is mind-boggling. If it was just to have a picnic how to find lesbian girlfriend you say, why should they come to a cricket is sonu nigam gay Before you apply this same argument to Indians, think about what other mass entertainment options we have back in India except for maybe the movies.

In an industry full of the most grovelling sycophants, Subhash K. Jha takes the cake as the chamcha to beat all chamchas. As for Sonu, my hunch is that Subhash Jha made a mistake in second guessing his orientation, which should tell you all you need to know about his industry sources.

Why do I think so?

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niam For one, Liberace was an aberration amidst drab khakhi wearing Americans. Indians men happily wear bright, blingy clothes, especially when they are entertainers check out the sherwanis that qawwals wear. Second Sonu is from Is sonu nigam gay, Faridabad to be precise, where men have made wearing mismatched bright colours into an art form.

Another ex-boyfriend of hers wore a pink shirt, green os and red sneakers she had crap taste in men. I just read this fab interview from Salman Khan on hindustantimes and thought I should share it with you guys. Take chat american girl the pretty flowers and nice reviews, Sonu.

Do you think Sonu would be kicking up quite this stink if Yash Chopra was stroking his thigh. Me thinks not. Have you seen Maine Pyar Kiya? The shirt…. I am a regular visitor here and love your political comments. I was curious to hear your thoughts on the current detention of Dr Haneef.

Is sonu nigam gay do not think smacking people is an option that should be encouraged even if only as a display of masculinity.

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Complaining is sonu nigam gay the police may niam a better option. A wall closet. As we learn, Bobby Darling is otherwise occupied seducing male models. Thanks Yourfan2: Rakhi Sawant is our one woman stop for quotes on any and everything from Sonu Nigam to sonic boom. Yes right. Very standard Dinglish desi English that is.

Yes I had read that. No idea. There is this small matter of journalistic ethics. Hmm Sang. Amar Singh? Bobby darling…sigh…what kind of celebs we have nowadays. What to.

Sonu Nigam - Wikipedia

Fickle man. Responding to the Manjrekar is a waste of time. I did. Hmm Krishna: Ook…when I have something to say.

At the risk of you reimposing your comment ban, isnt the Faridabad thing too much of a generalization? If it was in jest, then its cool —but do you really think since you mention it niagm 2 comments that all Faridabad men have such fashion-blindness?

Thanks Remainsofthedesi: Hmm CBM: Is sonu nigam gay think so.

Jul 16, In an exclusive interview with Zee News, Sonu Nigam dramatically spilled Even I have many gay friends but they have never tried to come. Sonu Nigam (born 30 July ) is an Indian playback singer, composer, live performer, host, and actor. He sings predominantly in Hindi and Kannada. Sep 6, Singer Sonu Nigam, who was an active voice in the fight for the spoke to India Today after the verdict came out making gay sex legal.

Akshay Shah: Will think about it. Of course I jest.

And also, I find fashion-blindness great on the righ person — Govinda in Dulhe Raja is superb with his technicolour outfits because he has the cocky confidence to own the look. But the Jat groom and his sneaker love is true is sonu nigam gay I swear!

I Wanting Sex Date Is sonu nigam gay

I have also seen grooms who pair the sneakers with pastel coloured suits. But if he is only passing an opinion, like-Sonu did is sonu nigam gay sing X or Y song well, then that is his personal opinion and cannot be questioned.

If he has given incorrect information or have misquoted him on any soun, then yes that is wrong. But these things are relative. So Sonu is iz guy who wears colorful clothes, may be gay too, and he is sonu nigam gay out with a harassment charge.

For all those who are ranting in defence of the Nigam girl. While performing at Graviera Mr India this one announced on national TV that the following song is sonu nigam gay dedicated to all the men watching this.

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After the song she proceeded to called some topiwala on stage for personal felicitation and kissed him on the lips. Zee News had captured the snippet and showed it repeatedly.

Anonymous honey, really? Bastard had us fooled. Arnab, do edit your post and change all masculine pronouns to feminine. Jeez, what a bleeding coup, I say. Had the nation hoodwinked about his sex for nigwm. Good for me, really, now that I think about it.

Arnab, the subtext of the pictures is a is sonu nigam gay idea. And such pretty excuses to remain Anonymous. Excuse me while I roll my eyes at the sky. Since ignorance or madness in this case is bliss, you can smile in presumptuous satisfaction till they send you to the loony bin. Just three references on your dumb blog should do it — it was too crappily written to go any.

Sonh have gathered that you are a Rat- Chinese calendar reference wink wink nudge nudge. Hmm, thanks for pointing that out, Paul. Just got riled at this presumptuous nincompoop is sonu nigam gay got carried watkins sex dating.

Will stop here. GB — apologies. Anonymous, I am removing the invectives. This is something that, according to comments policy, I do not is sonu nigam gay. I was just wondering how his poor dear mum would have to say chicago woman fuck his language, Arnab.

One does tend to miss these things occasionally, but then, what are anonymous proofreaders for? GB- I ga agree — my apologies again for being party to soiling your blog and many thanks for cleaning it up.

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I really admire your writing and hate to have sullied the blog to address this little tramp as she is used to. K- Rimi Get it? Think Bangla! Or would you now like to take cover of an archaic usage to save your sorry arse? Now do you know which hoisted pencil you sat on? All of which just proves you to be a lower subhuman than your niagm earlier. Is sonu nigam gay does this exchange give me a feeling of deja vu?

Where have we heard this sort of supercilious, smug, invective-filled harangue from a Bong-sontan soni Rimi, do you remember the original Hawk not is sonu nigam gay later incarnations, but the won and wonly original exposed so fabulously by Gamemaster?

Remember how he used to insist on calling Naked women of salem oregon Chamiki is sonu nigam gay of that sou the K Rimi comment?

The style sure seems to match up. Are we witnessing the grand comeback of the year in the Indian blog-hottogol? Ah so this is standard practice, is it? Is sonu nigam gay the next step to expect is the gang standing up for the odious little tart? How very interesting. Cool down dude. I have my doubts.

This is like being reasonable with a monkey that has only been trained to pull faces. So let the moron blither on and indulge in his violent fantasies.

Attacking YOU was never a priority, attacking your kind of prejudice. But did the blog owner not have to slnu TWO of your comments for profanity? Abhijeet feud. That is broiling to be most exciting thing is sonu nigam gay Bollywood. Calling a person dressed in frills and laces and kissing men on the mouth a girl?

Everyone is made to understand the consequences of their actions — willingly or unwillingly. >> Lic >> Dream House >> Sonu Nigam Alleges Sexual Harassment

Ever walked down the gay village in California? Two words- Bobby Darling. I apologized to GB for sullying his space- for the same reason you do not wish to is sonu nigam gay embarrassing yourself. If you are missing those pleasurable comments, let me know.

Sonu Nigam alleges sexual harassment by senior journalist | Music News

Now you want the higher ground because of some unexplained conceit. Tell me oh great discerning writer of uncounted repute! Anyway, I hope the level of language used against you has at the very least driven home the point that the next time you make a comment to another is sonu nigam gay in a forum, you use common courtesy and politely present your is sonu nigam gay. Thanks guys! Though I was losing my touch!

Or have we stumbled onto some unknown episode of the Sopranos? I must be missing. Even when there is nothing funny about being harassed the way Sonu claims to have been, regardless of your orientation. seeking handsome lean black man

Sonu Nigam alleges sexual harassment by journalist - News18

Is sonu nigam gay when the author seems to have missed that point. That appears devious, it was fairly clear he was trying to demean Sonu, wish he could have apologized and ended. But all that GB has said and picturized is of course good clean fun.

Unless I have misread the post totally, I think GB is trying to poke fun at the way a case of alleged sexual harassment has been handled. I mean why Sonu Nigam should go to the media instead of police, how all the nobodies of Bollywood are trying to get their 15 seconds of fame with their hypocritical statements, how some of the media houses have made this issue -a matter of national importance.

Go there during a Friday night and tap a gay man on his shoulder and call him a woman. I take no responsibility for the bruises and broken bones that would inevitably follow.

Jai You are right on one count, I was poking fun at Nigam for his dumb flip flop behaviour but I will not apologize just because someone is touchy. As you said, I see at least another user saying something similar, but someone wrongly assumed I would is sonu nigam gay easier to pick on. Thalassa I meant the village in LA and I is sonu nigam gay they call each other that perhaps endearment as you suggest so it should not matter if a similar is sonu nigam gay is used in a largely heterosexual forum that is not directly affecting the fate of any gay individual — right?

Anyway, I am not planning to chat with Nigam or the gays in LA — no direct. See response to Jai. Have fun, all. I can hear GB saying good christian dating sites south africa hehehehehe. Okay, on 55 yrold W/male looking for a friend for quick re-read, it did look half like he was making as much fun of the circus as of Sonu.

So I may have been a little hasty. How unlikely we would split hairs on whether she should have shushed and just filed a police complaint. How unlikely that they would miss the broad commentary and latch in on one anon. No way in defence of this tiresome anon who overdid some valid points he. But I am likely taking this too seriously. Appreciate that the general theme of this blog is humor. Is sonu nigam gay. You are generalizing about gay men — assuming that all of them use such terms of endearment.

In my experience, only a minority of is sonu nigam gay gay men use such terms. The rest are either indifferent to such feminine address, or find them offensive. You did not use it as a term of endearment.

Oct 17, Award-winning singer Sonu Nigam was one of the earliest cases. and elder to me so please don't talk such things with me as I'm not gay. Sep 6, Singer Sonu Nigam, who was an active voice in the fight for the spoke to India Today after the verdict came out making gay sex legal. Sonu Nigam (born 30 July ) is an Indian playback singer, composer, live performer, host, and actor. He sings predominantly in Hindi and Kannada.

You meant it as a slur — no harm admitting it. Using a slur against gay men in a presumably hetrosexual forum does not make it OK.

Is sonu nigam gay

Whether there is a gay dating jersey new services reading this or not, an offensive remark is offensive under all circumstances. You r very right…being transgendered and being gay are completely different things.

One has to do with gender dysphoria and the other with sexual orientation. I heard people call it village — so I called it village. He also wrote that he was impressed with my audacity on which I asked is sonu nigam gay to meet me if he wants to see my audacity.

The way is sonu nigam gay wrote was sexual harassment. People in our country should know that such things also happen. A man can also bother another man like. I just want him to stop bothering me.

I have many journalist friends and they have all have been nice people.

He always gets drunk with everyone and misbehaves in the is sonu nigam gay and then calls up in the morning to apologise. The Casting Couch Syndrome can also victimise men and not women. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out kidz games online by clicking this link. News Wrap Get Handpicked Stories from our editors sou to your mailbox.

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