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Or when someone is throwing or cheating and both teams agree to try and draw to cancel out that players actions.

I assumed OW would follow with that, but nope. This is a trick i do better than standing still and typing.

I got all the golds and POTG. But honestly, I think march can very rarely be useful. The only way I see this working is if they restrict it to pre and post game.

Being able to save which option I want is a feature that should to be in the match. I believe they and focusing on those two things coz they are the most prominent things atm plus i am forums to talk with people and see their opinions about current stuff. MrFriendly: would remove so much chat in the game.

I do programming in my spare time, so I know this is very much possible and would remove so much toxicity in the game.

If communication is so important then just get in voice chat. What kind of game would be fun with zero freedoms and no communication.

Heroes of the Storm came out with zero match chat, just team, and people loved it. Oh… hmmm.

With 20 billion matches to date, Tinder is the world's most popular app for meeting new people. See who catches your eye and send them a wink before their profile disappears. When matched, whoever WINX first has 24 hours to make the first move. With 20 billion matches to date, Tinder is the world's most popular app for meeting new people.

One of my favorite matches was the one where someone on the enemy team said I sucked. But instead of tilting, we won the match. Again, lets just remove all chat or form of communication.

I have no idea who they are or why they said it. It can occasionally be useful even if that is the exception not the rule.

Like those moments when your team left and the enemy team lets you get an achievement. I see.

Abdl Chat Room

MrFriendly: Why do I need to talk with the enemy team? Thats a great idea.

It was very satisfying to see them disconnect immediately when the POTG came up. If I use the excuse that it will never happen because they are focusing on OWL then what is the point of the forums?

Chatting With Models

Lets take a look at Diablo 3. Not going to work on console, though. If you make it available it will be used which will result in people being AFK for a while to type a message which in a lot of cases will just be toxic.

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