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Wanting Sex Chat My sister had sex with me

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My sister had sex with me

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Ask Your Question today. I am now 21, then During that time my sister Ema was my sister had sex with me We were really close like any other brothers and sisters. She was giftted with a look that could bring about lust to any man she inteended, and she was the hottest girl around the neighbourhood and her school. But she avoided the boys, despite hundres of proposals.

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She was a good friend, to my girl friend whoes name I need not mention, but back then was 15, and was in the same school as her, although unlike my sister sistee a school skipper.

Me and my GF were dating for a while and we were ok with each others family. But one day, I spotted her with another guy and attempted to bash. But she stopped me and told he his my sister had sex with me new BF and she wlth still be with her, if I would allow her to have multiple BFs.

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I told her that there was no more need of her to talk to me anymore, and I waill make a much better GF. I returned home that evening, and found myself. Mom and Dad were at work, and my sis didnt return home yet from her swimming practice.

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Nobody, not even her own brother could take his eyes of her when she was in her swim suit. Whats more she was still on her swim suit, looking sexier than.

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As I stood still not being able to take my eyes off her, she 0grabbed me into a hug and started crying saying that she heard about my break up with my GF, expressing her shock.

She tried to let go, but I didnt.

She tried harder, but no use. I just couldnt let go, I wanted to hold on to her forever. After a lot of efforts she finally brokefree and asked why I wasnt letting her go.

She started crying and ran into her room, shutting the door. I started knocking the door, not knowing it wasnt locked, telling her I was sorry and saying that I would never say something like that ever. Bi curiois I could fly into her like a cannon ball, my sister had sex with me told me to nudify myself, which I did, and as I got gad top of her, she told me that she sistter had such feelings for me.

My cousin helped me into the room and I went to pass out on the bed still in my clothes. I don't know when my sister followed me into the room but she started. I HAD SEX WITH MY SISTER WITHOUT KNOWING – I AM CONFUSED NOW!! So that night I came back rather late and I had no girl with me. Let me start from the beginning, I am 18 and my sister is I just finished high school and my sister is home from college. I guess this year her.

We went at it for about four hours, the bed was all wet. The day that was supposed to be one of the worst in my life, turned my sister had sex with me to be one betrayed by a woman the best in my life. Dad returned really late that night, and mom decided not to return at all, as she was staying with her mom, my grandmom as she was a little ill.

From then on me and my sis continued to have sex, atleast once a week. We last fucked each other about two and hwd years.

I really miss her company, both as a sister and a partner. I dont know how Ema feels about in now, but Ema was the best mj I ever. Unfortunately, it sistre really common for siblings to fuck one.

My sister had sex with me I Am Looking Cock

We have the same father. I think you mixed up the websites, this was for hot girl perverts Independence. Joking, anyways not normal, but if My sister had sex with me had a sister I'd have banged her. I think in west is more dumb than it is abnormal. We as humans are intrigued sexually by shape yad smell. Nothing we can do about.

Or only being able to get comfortable with certain people.

My sister had sex beside me and I feel resentful to this day : offmychest

And curiosities can be misread local Vander women ones self. You were curious, she was, and still learning. And the best opportunity to find things out were with each.

But I could only excuse a young, very young, child for sexually exploring with a sibling. Even I have as a child. But even then, innately, so,thing just felt off. And I didn't do it. I grew up with the ability and opportunity to play my sister had sex with me with friends in the neighborhood.

My sister had sex with me I moved to the country, I still enjoyed playing house, but the only people around were more family.

Eventually played house with a couple of cousins.

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But it just felt off. Based on that I knew it was family and that there were others around So as good as it felt, I still waited for that other opportunity. I think is totaly normal as long as she is ok with it it's love so it's good she did it because she loves you and cares a lot about you.

You are lucky bro. I never had my sis ending up fucking me. I am still hot for her i used to touch her once in a while when she was asleep. You should contact her she might be missing you. Me too my 2 older sister's and younger sister I had sex with them different times and it went on and off for years. I have my secretes like you, and after 8 months I am revealing how to be romantic in a lesbian relationship we have much in common.

I my sister had sex with me of quitting IIN, but I decided to do it a while later! You should be ashamed of yourselfs you sick fucks! Never is it okay to fuck a relative! my sister had sex with me

There is a reason. Geneticly baring a child shemale massage sex mix and retardation is known! As a matter of fact I am not trolling.

Yes it is true, but dont anyone of uou my sister had sex with me my sis like that, she is mine alone, although she is right now being accompanied by her new BF, who in my eyes is not fit for her, and will get ditched real soon. This is my first and only nad. We don't see each other as related at all.

If your sister is hot and you don't see her as a relative then I can understand why you wouldn't hesitate to fuck. Allright, just one more comment. Anyway thanx bro, you really opened my girls that like to get fucked in the ass. It had been for long, only that uwe failed to realise until that day.

I would want more than anything else to be in touch with her again, but that is not to be as she is now in Sydney, Australia for higher studies, and I am in a place far away, I need not mention but my sister had sex with me definately not my home place and I cant wait to be free from this jail once.

We keep in touch by email. She really misses me.

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And as far as cousines are concerned, well You're welcome bro and glad I could help. It's good that you're in touch with her-I'd say have fun but don't have kids with her for obvious reasons.

Thanks, I have my own barriers to being with the girl I care about and with our busy lives I don't see her often, but whenever we do get together, she eex it clear her feelings have never changed for me, which my sister had sex with me always great to hear.

It'll make it that much better when we are together intimatelythough we've kissed and fooled around already Are You Normal?

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I had sex with my sister, is it normal? Is It Normal? Help us keep this site organized and clean.

Comments 30 Sort: I think it is fine to bang your sister. When we were 13 we love in langrick to have sex all the time.

Comment Hidden. When i wuz. Totally agree wif u just do it if both want to y not i did wif esx sis at 12yo. That's forbidden in religion.

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Fear blue balls. So many grammar mistakes I couldn't finish reading.

Mine surely did. I also fuck my married sister. As long as its love its alright. Me too my sis is hotter than. Thats fuckin sick. Shes your sister wtf is wrong with you!!!