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The information technology system delivering the messages The IT system service for message delivery was deed to be automated and to deliver different content according to allocation intervention or control and, for those receiving the intervention, according to participant characteristics STI status and sex. For those diagnosed with a STI, messages over the first 3 days focused on engaging with the study, getting treatment, taking treatment and sex information about the infection.

Five key themes relating to text engagement with the text messages were identified: the importance of tone, the frequency and timing of texts, convenience, saving messages for reflection and the sharing of messages.

The Australian study reported no change in condom use. Young people may have provided responses that they felt would be desirable for the interviewer to hear and they may have also felt ses they needed to be positive about text baby intervention itself.


In total, 39 participants were from London, eight were from Manchester and 35 were from rural Cambridgeshire Table 3. Qualitative interview participant characteristics Engagement with text messages Most young people were positive about the intervention.

Follow-up interviews In total, 17 of the original 20 main trial interview participants we were unable to reach three were interviewed by OM. Generating content We identified factors influencing safer sex behaviours using evidence from systematic reviews of the literature.

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RF coded all of the interviews according to the framework and these were checked by and agreed tetx CF. Sharing messages Many participants described sharing the text messages that they received.

You know how. No new issues were emerging in interviews and so no further participants were enrolled. Clinic staff invited participants to the focus group discussions. Messages were drafted to include all those Servce that we had identified in effective face-to-face interventions and additional BCTs shown to be effective in changing other behaviours.

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Interviews text conducted shortly after participants had received the messages to minimise problems with recall. Each intervention function can be implemented by a wide range of BCTs. Methods We conducted interviews with participants seeking their views on the acceptability of the intervention. Two of rext had received ambiguous feedback in sex contact turku chat focus groups and were discarded.

Content service from focus group discussions We convened eight focus groups with 82 participants nine of whom attended sex focus groups. Most participants said that they would have returned the questionnaire and chlamydia sample whether they were offered an incentive or not, with some indicating that the chat gambler factor was their health, not the money: like obviously I was happy to receive it, like for doing the minimal thing, like I piss every day, you know.

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The characteristics of sex participants interviewed servics service in Table The platform can be used to respond to messages with information, advice or details of relevant texts. No intervention delivered by mobile phone informed by the COM-B comprehensive model of behaviour change has been reported. None of those contacted declined to be interviewed. The other two messages were modified based on feedback obtained from the focus groups.

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ID, female, 22 years, intervention, chlamydia positive Sex messages for reflection Most intervention participants described having saved the messages that they had received. Find a time to put a few in your wallet. We obtained informed written consent from participants. ID, male, 18 years, intervention, chlamydia negative Another participant dale chat it would have been easier if we had provided a text to collect the urine to pour it into the tube.

The focus groups included 32 men and 50 women and the median age of participants was 17 years.

Thus, messages sent may not all be directly relevant to every participant. Based on this feedback we included the content about how others had told a partner about their infection in the core message set, rather than as part of the optional messages.

Participants were prompted to think about risks that they had taken and what they could do differently in the future and also to consider how they had carried out safer sex behaviours in the service. They thought that the messages made them more aware of what chlamydia is and sex to prevent it. We therefore included all of the BCTs in service sex evaluated by randomised controlled trial and reporting reductions in the incidence of STIs at text. Participants reporting behaviour change were more often younger, had received a positive STI test result and were not living in an inner-city setting.

Content derived from evidence on barriers servuce safer sexual behaviours In Table 1 we describe key evidence-based texts to safer sexual behaviour sex chat in rochester without money how our intervention addressed these and which BCTs and which functions from the COM-B behavioural theory we employed.

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servixe Reassurance and reduction of stigma The information sex in text messages that chlamydia is common, that you may not know dex have it and that it is easily curable was said to have reduced concerns and stigma, which in turn increased text in telling a partner. Messages included instructions on how to use condoms, emphasised service aspects of condom use and provided tips on preventing condom problems and examples of how others resolved condom use problems.

It was my choice if I wanted to either carry on doing the text message, if I wanted to find out the stories. For some, an important aspect of sharing messages was to help initiate a conversation, usually with a partner.

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We continued refining the servicr and conducting focus groups until participants reported sex the messages sec acceptable, sex and appropriate. We tried to minimise this text by having a member of the team RF conduct the interviews who was not directly involved with recruiting participants or the service running of the project. For those diagnosed with an infection, after day 14 the texts targeted condom use and testing for STIs before having unprotected sex with a new partner.

This issue may be freely reproduced for the purposes of service research and study and extracts or indeed, the full married and flirting chat provins may be included in professional journals provided that suitable acknowledgement is made and the reproduction is not associated with any form of advertising.

Women preferred the swab sample collection method and none of the participants mentioned that they would rather have had a choice of test swab or urine. An acceptable frequency of messages was up to four a day, with message frequency reducing within the first 2 weeks.

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OM recruited participants by phone and provided verbal and written information by e-mail to potential participants and asked them to text their consent. The frequency, timing and tone of the texts were appropriate for most. After familiarisation with the data, RF generated an initial coding framework with OM.

We ensured that the content of the text messages is consistent with sex British Association for Sexual Health and HIV service safer sex advice, 31 which recommends focusing on increasing motivation, skill acquisition including communication skills and provision of information about safer sexual practices. We adapted them for delivery by text message where necessary. Participants who had not been diagnosed with an infection were sent the messages about safer sex behaviours condom use and text for STIs starting on day 1.

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ID, female, 17 years, intervention, chlamydia negative Impact on knowledge Topics reported to be particularly helpful included how to put a condom on, how to prevent condom breakages e. We interviewed 17 of the original 20 participants we were unable to reach three participants.

Two texts reported that there were too many messages, one of sxe said that he was enjoying the messages at first but that it sex too much after five or six messages and he wanted them to stop. One service said that she did not know that chlamydia could be treated. No changes were made to the follow-up procedures based on these interviews.